My name is Haylea Paul. I am a 23 year old Graphic Designer living and working in Brisbane. After binge listening to Debbie Millman’s “Design Matters” podcasts for the last 3 months, I was inspired to create my own blog and post a sketch (drawn by me) once a day for the next year. Easy right?

The idea came to me about a month ago when I was trying to work on an A2 size illustration on my tiny cluttered desk. Normally I’d move to the dining room table, but in my granny flat, space isn’t a luxury I have. So naturally I gave up (because I am one of those people that feels like they need the perfect surroundings to create the perfect artwork) Until I realised that I didn’t always need to dive head first into these large detailed artworks, I could create small sketches and learn to accept their imperfections.

So, where does my blogs tagline “The art of disclpine” fit into all this? Well, I was not devoted enough to sketch a few times a week on a tiny pad (because of the silly perfect surroundings thing again), so I thought I would challenge myself to draw a sketch a day and post it in this blog, just to make sure I stay devoted.

By attempting this personal challenge, I not only hope to feel extremely satisfied with myself, I also hope the daily devotion it takes me to draw and post a sketch shines through into my personal and professional life and helps me to become a more inspired, organised and committed person.

I guess I will find out in 365 days.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love your project and I am interested to see how you address your discipline. I have a challenge to produce a page in my sketchbook, once a week. Also born out of lack of discipline. Good luck and I am looking forward to follow you! Cheers from Ohio, Johanna

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