32/365 | Watercolour melon


23/365 | My morbid brain

dailysketchblogThe cat meowed and thought how horrible it was to be so small and wished she had never touched the shrink ray gun. It seemed like a good idea at the time to play in the bowl of Fruit Loops that had been left on the table but in hindsight it was probably best if they hadn’t.


16/365 | Fairy Bread

When I was young I actually believed fairies ate white bread slathered in butter topped with hundreds and thousands; also known as Fairy Bread. I remember thinking how special it was of them to share their favourite food with humans. These thoughts are also coming from the same girl  who spoke to the fairies hiding in the cracks of a large rock that sat in the front yard of her home on Greenshank Drive.

6/365 | When wood is too expensive


For the last month and a bit we (my boyfriend and I) have had our hearts set on making a DIY floating bed frame for the new mattress he bought. Today we realised that a) Timber is ridiculously expensive in Australia and b) It’s probably cheaper to buy a bed in the same wood we wanted. Time to put this DIY dream to rest… For now.

3/365 | I wanted tea so I drew a teabag

Before you think it I know the ‘T’ looks like an ‘F’ but this 365 daily sketch challenge is also  about accepting the flaws and keeping these images as quick sketches, not works of art. Also, I over brewed my green tea which made it perfect for a photo but not consumption.