38/365 | A whole lot of random


34/365 | Ladycorn


The most magical thing you’ve seen all day.

27/365 | Reading Corner


Yesterday on my Facebook page I asked for sketch inspiration. I ended up choosing ‘Reading Corner’ by Ellie Chadwick. I thought the idea would make a really nice illustration. I haven’t used water colour pencil that often because I don’t really like the texture of them, but in this case I think it illustrated the idea well. If I had a smaller felt tip marker i’d be even happier!

25/365 | You know who

I just drew a hotter female version of Voldemort by mistake. 

22/365 | Actual Depiction

Today’s sketch is an actual depiction of what happened to me on the weekend.

17/365 | Hands

I am as good at drawing hands as I am at following recipes. They always turn out different to the picture and method I followed.

14/365 | Mistakes

A visual example of how I handle my mistakes; scribble them out, throw  them in a bin and pretend it never happened.

13/465 | Untitled

I’ve just woken up from a nap and realised I hadn’t posted something yet. I’m too tired to write about this one but I hope your eyes enjoy it. 

10/365 | Tutorials

I wish I would just YouTube how to pull off a head scarf but I hate watching tutorials. I figure if I keep trying I’ll learn one day. I also said that about contouring but I still pretend I know how to do that every morning.

8/365 | One week in

I can’t believe it’s only been one week since I started this challenge! I am at the tip of the ice berg with 51 weeks left and 357 sketches still to come.

I’m starting off my post this week with a pair of lips I painted with watercolour that turned out surprisingly well and didn’t take long to do. I wet the page leaving a curved line for the teeth and added the colour onto my page. I went about with my morning routine while I waited for the page to dry a little, then I added in the detail for the teeth.