44/365 | Depressing Dog


Have you ever seen a dog look so depressing? If this dog is you- get help.

Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days. I’ve been posting on my Facebook page. Follow me if you want to keep up to date! 🙂

39/365 | Tough Week


I’ve been struggling really hard this week to sketch something each day (Evident in some of my posts in the last 7 days). It has been a busy week but I am trying not to make that my excuse. Sorry about todays sketch but there was no way I was sketching something else!

38/365 | A whole lot of random


37/365 | If you mess around with pricks you’re gonna get pricked


36/365 | & AND


Watercolour typography.

35/365 | Dinocorn


I don’t know why is has taken me so long to realise that I can replace uni with almost any word to make an awesome new word and picture.

34/365 | Ladycorn


The most magical thing you’ve seen all day.

33/365 | ghost of a period past

I did what I had to do to get a daily sketch today. I’m not sorry.

32/365 | Watercolour melon


31/365 | Fat Cat


A fat cat called Clive.