30/365 | Daphne for Daphne


A little sketch of a Daphne inside a thank you card for a lady named Daphne. On a side note, I’m up to day 30 and still haven’t missed a day- go me!

29/365 | Norman the Dinosaur


When the human race is threatened by a giant erupting volcano,  we should ask ourselves “what would Norman do?”

28/365 | Dog in human clothes

Just a handsome dog trying to look more human.

27/365 | Reading Corner


Yesterday on my Facebook page I asked for sketch inspiration. I ended up choosing ‘Reading Corner’ by Ellie Chadwick. I thought the idea would make a really nice illustration. I haven’t used water colour pencil that often because I don’t really like the texture of them, but in this case I think it illustrated the idea well. If I had a smaller felt tip marker i’d be even happier!

26/365 | Sadistic bunny

This is what happens when you tell someone to think of an object and you think of an animal- Hammer + bunny.

I didn’t want to go for the obvious sketch of a bunny being crushed by a hammer (because I still feel a little bad about drawing a dog in fruit loops about to be eaten) so I went for a sadistic bunny instead. Sorry about the random colour choice, they’re the only pencils I have!

25/365 | You know who

I just drew a hotter female version of Voldemort by mistake. 

24/365 | Cute Mermaid


23/365 | My morbid brain

dailysketchblogThe cat meowed and thought how horrible it was to be so small and wished she had never touched the shrink ray gun. It seemed like a good idea at the time to play in the bowl of Fruit Loops that had been left on the table but in hindsight it was probably best if they hadn’t.


22/365 | Actual Depiction

Today’s sketch is an actual depiction of what happened to me on the weekend.

21/365 | Untitled