35/365 | Dinocorn


I don’t know why is has taken me so long to realise that I can replace uni with almost any word to make an awesome new word and picture.

32/365 | Watercolour melon


27/365 | Reading Corner


Yesterday on my Facebook page I asked for sketch inspiration. I ended up choosing ‘Reading Corner’ by Ellie Chadwick. I thought the idea would make a really nice illustration. I haven’t used water colour pencil that often because I don’t really like the texture of them, but in this case I think it illustrated the idea well. If I had a smaller felt tip marker i’d be even happier!

16/365 | Fairy Bread

When I was young I actually believed fairies ate white bread slathered in butter topped with hundreds and thousands; also known as Fairy Bread. I remember thinking how special it was of them to share their favourite food with humans. These thoughts are also coming from the same girl  who spoke to the fairies hiding in the cracks of a large rock that sat in the front yard of her home on Greenshank Drive.

15/365 | Simple Flowers

14/365 | Mistakes

A visual example of how I handle my mistakes; scribble them out, throw  them in a bin and pretend it never happened.

13/465 | Untitled

I’ve just woken up from a nap and realised I hadn’t posted something yet. I’m too tired to write about this one but I hope your eyes enjoy it. 

11/365 | Flower arrangement


10/365 | Tutorials

I wish I would just YouTube how to pull off a head scarf but I hate watching tutorials. I figure if I keep trying I’ll learn one day. I also said that about contouring but I still pretend I know how to do that every morning.

8/365 | One week in

I can’t believe it’s only been one week since I started this challenge! I am at the tip of the ice berg with 51 weeks left and 357 sketches still to come.

I’m starting off my post this week with a pair of lips I painted with watercolour that turned out surprisingly well and didn’t take long to do. I wet the page leaving a curved line for the teeth and added the colour onto my page. I went about with my morning routine while I waited for the page to dry a little, then I added in the detail for the teeth.