38/365 | A whole lot of random


37/365 | If you mess around with pricks you’re gonna get pricked


35/365 | Dinocorn


I don’t know why is has taken me so long to realise that I can replace uni with almost any word to make an awesome new word and picture.

31/365 | Fat Cat


A fat cat called Clive.

30/365 | Daphne for Daphne


A little sketch of a Daphne inside a thank you card for a lady named Daphne. On a side note, I’m up to day 30 and still haven’t missed a day- go me!

25/365 | You know who

I just drew a hotter female version of Voldemort by mistake. 

24/365 | Cute Mermaid


22/365 | Actual Depiction

Today’s sketch is an actual depiction of what happened to me on the weekend.

17/365 | Hands

I am as good at drawing hands as I am at following recipes. They always turn out different to the picture and method I followed.

16/365 | Fairy Bread

When I was young I actually believed fairies ate white bread slathered in butter topped with hundreds and thousands; also known as Fairy Bread. I remember thinking how special it was of them to share their favourite food with humans. These thoughts are also coming from the same girl  who spoke to the fairies hiding in the cracks of a large rock that sat in the front yard of her home on Greenshank Drive.