5/365 | Friday

Yay for Friday! This week I went full time in my design job, played with a puppy, ate well and woke up at 5am twice to go for a walk along the bay, which summed up a pretty good week for me. I hope everyone else has also had a dandy week too šŸ™šŸ»

4/365 | Baby Breath

I’ve been into small flower tattoos lately and i’veĀ found myself drawing little ones here and there. I also recently learnt the name ofĀ one of my favourite flowers , “Baby Breath”. So far I have found them quite difficult to draw but I have enjoyed sketchingĀ basic ones while trying to understand their structure more.

1/365 | My First Ever Sketch!

My first sketch! I am feeling kind of excited but mostly nervous. 365 days is a long timeĀ and I am seriously wondering if I was a little tipsy when I came up with this idea.Ā The only reason why I want to continueĀ is to prove thatĀ tiny, self-doubting voice in my head wrong! I wonder if that voice will even be present after 365 days of posting sketches; I really hope it’s not.