13/465 | Untitled

I’ve just woken up from a nap and realised I hadn’t posted something yet. I’m too tired to write about this one but I hope your eyes enjoy it. 

6/365 | When wood is too expensive


For the last month and a bit we (my boyfriend and I) have had our hearts set on making a DIY floating bed frame for the new mattress he bought. Today we realised that a) Timber is ridiculously expensive in Australia and b) It’s probably cheaper to buy a bed in the same wood we wanted. Time to put this DIY dream to rest… For now.

5/365 | Friday

Yay for Friday! This week I went full time in my design job, played with a puppy, ate well and woke up at 5am twice to go for a walk along the bay, which summed up a pretty good week for me. I hope everyone else has also had a dandy week too šŸ™šŸ»

4/365 | Baby Breath

I’ve been into small flower tattoos lately and i’veĀ found myself drawing little ones here and there. I also recently learnt the name ofĀ one of my favourite flowers , “Baby Breath”. So far I have found them quite difficult to draw but I have enjoyed sketchingĀ basic ones while trying to understand their structure more.

3/365 | I wanted tea so I drew a teabag

Before you think it I know the ‘T’ looks like an ‘F’ but this 365 daily sketch challenge is also  about accepting the flaws and keeping these images as quick sketches, not works of art. Also, I over brewed my green tea which made it perfect for a photo but not consumption.

2/365 | A Tiny Cactus

Everything’s cuter when it’s tiny; glass jars, strawberries, little cheeses, dogs and tiny cactus! I drew it on my desk while waiting for a webpage to load and thought it was worthy of some colour.

1/365 | My First Ever Sketch!

My first sketch! I am feeling kind of excited but mostly nervous. 365 days is a long timeĀ and I am seriously wondering if I was a little tipsy when I came up with this idea.Ā The only reason why I want to continueĀ is to prove thatĀ tiny, self-doubting voice in my head wrong! I wonder if that voice will even be present after 365 days of posting sketches; I really hope it’s not.