36/365 | & AND


Watercolour typography.

8/365 | One week in

I can’t believe it’s only been one week since I started this challenge! I am at the tip of the ice berg with 51 weeks left and 357 sketches still to come.

I’m starting off my post this week with a pair of lips I painted with watercolour that turned out surprisingly well and didn’t take long to do. I wet the page leaving a curved line for the teeth and added the colour onto my page. I went about with my morning routine while I waited for the page to dry a little, then I added in the detail for the teeth.

7/365 | Green Eye

I’ve always loved drawing eyes but I usually just draw them in my note book or on my desk. I think today was the first time I drew an eye using watercolour without the intention of turning it into a face. I’m actually pretty pleased with how it has turned out.